200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Parimukti Yoga is the path to freedom through realisation of who we are. Using the teachings and practices of the yoga tradition we go on an explorative journey to understanding the nature of our body, mind, and investigate the relationship between us and others. Gaining clarity about our conditioned beliefs allows us to live in freedom and joy. Our school offers 200 hour yoga instructor certification courses on the beautiful island of Bali.

Teaching yoga is an art fuelled by authenticity and creativity. Your personal practice and understandings that follow from that spark your inner teacher and sharing with others will come naturally and spontaneously. Explore a variety of Yoga Teacher Training Courses with 100 hour, 200 hour or advanced certification at parimukti Yoga, Ubud, Bali.

Parimukti acknowledges and emphasizes that every student and teacher has his or her own unique presence, energy, and teaching style. We provide an environment for your learning and practice process, where yoga will be presented and practiced in depth.

In our teacher training programs, we proceed from investigating the physical and energetic body to the mind. We gain clarity about how we perceive ourselves, others and the world around us by doing asana, pranayama, meditation, contemplation and sharing. The Parimukti 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, together with the Parimukti 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Ubud is what gives you the foundational ground, connection and steadiness, enabling you to explore the endless possibilities of life. In our Yoga Therapy Training you will learn how to use yoga and meditation in an individual therapeutical setting.

Philosophy of 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali, Ubud

Our 200 hour yoga teacher training is a hatha yoga teacher training, which means that we teach yoga as a philosophy to gain greater inside in ourselves. Above all we regard the training as a unique opportunity to make a transformative journey and learn about yoga ánd yourself deeply. Meditation is an important part of the training and at the end of the training we invite you to lead both an asana and a meditation class on your own.

At Parimukti we teach hatha yoga and support each teacher to create authentic sequences that fit the moment. We find it important that you learn the correct alignment of the postures and learn which sequence is appropriate at a given moment. This can be influenced by the time of the day, the group of students, and off course your own experience. In the training the morning asana classes have more focus on alignment, strength, endurance and flexibility with a great sense of body and mind awareness. Sometimes the classes have a more dynamic character. The afternoons are more restorative with yin yoga and yoga nidra, or for example focus on a particular chakra. In terms of meditation we offer a variety of meditations such as silent sitting, movement meditations, heart meditations, and buddhist meditations. Besides asana and meditation, practices like breath awareness, basic pranayamas, kriyas (cleansing techniques), and mantras will be presented and practiced within the course from the very beginning. Also we acknowledge the different bodily and mental constitutions, by giving a brief introduction to Ayurveda.

An inspiration for us is TKV Krishnamacharya, the father of modern yoga, who cannot be identified by one style of yoga and indeed was a great proponent of doing what is right for the individual. The historical development of yoga will be studied and reflected upon. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will be discussed and related to our daily lifes. This foundation will give you experience and understanding of the yogic path.

In this phase you will undergo a profound realignment and purification of the physical body, experiencing the results in your own energy. Starting from the most tangible in this 200 hour yoga teacher training Bali, we will proceed to the most subtle in the 300 hour yoga teacher training: from the physical body to the mind. Our school offers 200 hour yoga instructor certification courses on the beautiful island of Bali.